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I'm amazed at how many great shots you got! What a celebration!


What fun! I celebrated last Chinese New Year in Amsterdam and they had dragons dancing and going to shops to give them good fortune!


These shots remind me of Chinese NY at the Sydney Fish Markets one year...


I'm reminded of the movie "Mano Po" which I've seen on DVD just recently.

Very colourful pictures.

Kiss My Mike

That looks really fun!


How wonderful that you got to witness such an awesome celebration, Sidney. Thank you for these gorgeous images and fascinating background story.
Have a great weekend!

Anna Lyn

These dances are marvelous! I have seen them a number of times and I always enjoyed them.

Very informative!


What a beautiful series of images and thanks for the lessons. These shots remind me of my sons wedding, we had a chinese tea ceremony in which the couple served us tea and in return we gave them a "red envelope" Also there were lion dancers at the reception.


Great information and great pictures!


i like the last shot, great capture of the firecracker and the lion....


I love those lions!


hi sid, belated happy new yr! i was in the philippines for 6 wks. had a great time. it's a pity i missed chinese new year there. i left manila on jan 28. i'm sure it was a blast. how are you? ingatz


wow, it must've been exciting to witness the event!


Tena koe ehoa
Thanks for your email Sidney, I'll reply a.s.a.p. what I'd like to share with you. I see a long line crackers waiting to ignite uder the "Lion Dance" image is there any signifigence with fireworks in the culture?


Your photos are motivating me to head down to San Francisco this weekend for their Chinese New Years Parade, looks like fun.


y a-t-il des lions en chine?
il n'y a pas des lions aux philippines ... sauf pour les chinois pendant la bonne fete ^_^


Anew great live report on Chinese New Year. Very intersting to see the world like that. Thanks Sidney to sharing your look .


great lion dance shots, brings back more memories!

J A M  I E

Wonderful photos tonight Sid. I really like the information too. I never knew how important the red envelopes were. Neat stuff.


Great stuff. Festivals and street galas make wonderful photos and the cultural commentary adds depth to the experience of viewing.


i love firecrackers, i used to enjoy them so much in chinese new year celebration....they r so loud and scared people:-) great capture wt a nice lion dancing.....bring out my good memories when i was kids waiting for getting money in the red's a fun season & i miss it so much:-) thanks for sharing:-)


Excellent Shots! Love the way your shots are so different & document things. Incredible.


Love the top shot.
Very colourful.


The chinese new year is always a great show. TY for this beautiful reportage.


being 1/2 chinese and living in england, i miss the chinese festivities in hong kong.
your photos and information is spot on!
great work!

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